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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8840 unfaithfulness, to God
8840 unfaithfulness, to God

8840 unfaithfulness, to God

In the OT the terms of the covenant with God were constantly broken by Israel by acts of idolatry and disobedience. The consequence was God’s judgment, which eventually included exile.

Warnings within the covenant

Ne 1:8; Lev 26:1,14-17,31-33; Dt 4:25-27; Dt 8:19-20; Pr 2:22; Eze 14:13; Eze 15:8

Unfaithfulness seen in idolatry

Idolatry as marital unfaithfulness Jer 3:20 The covenant between God and Israel at Sinai viewed in terms of a marriage contract; Jer 3:6-9 See also Jer 3:12-14; Jer 9:2; Jer 31:32; Hos 1:2

Idolatry as prostitution 1Ch 5:25; Hos 4:10-12; Hos 9:1

Idolatry as abandoning God Jer 1:16 See also Jdg 10:13; Jer 5:19; Jer 15:6

Unfaithfulness seen in other forms of disobedience

Trust in money and possessions Job 31:24-28 See also Jer 49:4

Doing wrong to others Nu 5:5-6 See also Lev 6:2; Pr 11:3; Pr 13:2; Isa 1:21-23; Hos 6:6-7

Marrying foreign wives Ezr 10:2 See also Ezr 9:1-4; Ne 13:27

Withholding tithes and offerings Jos 7:1; Jos 22:20; Mal 3:8

Breaches in the ritual law 1Sa 14:33; Mal 1:7-8

Unfaithfulness as a characteristic of God’s people throughout the OT

Jer 5:11 See also Ac 7:37-41; Jdg 2:16-17; Ne 9:26; Hag 1:7-9

Unfaithfulness among Israel’s leadership

The unfaithfulness of the priesthood Ezr 9:1-2 See also 2Ch 36:14; Eze 22:26; Mal 2:7-8

Unfaithful kings Solomon’s unfaithfulness leads to unfaithfulness among his subjects: 1Ki 11:4-5,33
2Ch 12:1-2 Rehoboam; 2Ch 26:16-18 Uzziah’s bad example Ahaz: 2Ch 28:19-23; 2Ch 29:19 Manasseh: 2Ki 21:9 pp 2Ch 33:9; 2Ki 21:16; 2Ch 33:19

Unfaithfulness leads to judgment

Dt 32:20; Ps 73:27; Ps 78:56-59; Pr 21:18

Individuals judged for unfaithfulness Jos 7:1,25; 1Ch 10:13

Wandering in the desert Nu 14:33 See also Nu 14:34-35

The people taken into exile Eze 39:23 See also 1Ch 9:1; Da 9:7

Restoration following repentance

Eze 39:25-26 God’s purpose through the exile is to bring about the eventual repentance and restoration of his people. See also Lev 26:40-42; Dt 30:1-3; Ne 1:8-9

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