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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8837 unbelief, and life of faith
8837 unbelief, and life of faith

8837 unbelief, and life of faith

Believers may go through periods of doubt and indecision, especially on account of difficulties in trusting God or accepting certain aspects of his will for them.

General examples of unbelief in believers

Abraham Ge 17:17 See also Ge 15:8

Sarah Ge 18:13-14

Moses Nu 11:21-22

Gideon Jdg 6:12-13,17,36-40

Elisha’s servant 2Ki 4:42-44

Zechariah Lk 1:20

John the Baptist Mt 11:3

The unbelief of Jesus Christ’s disciples

Unbelief concerning Jesus Christ’s power over the natural world Mt 8:24-26 pp Mk 4:38-40 pp Lk 8:23-25 Mt 14:26 pp Mk 6:49 Mt 14:29-31; Mt 16:8-10 pp Mk 8:17-21 See also Mk 6:37 pp Jn 6:7; Mk 6:52; Mt 15:33 pp Mk 8:4; Jn 11:39; Ac 12:15-17

Unbelief concerning Jesus Christ’s resurrection Mk 16:14; Lk 24:25 See also Mk 16:9-13; Lk 24:11,37-41; Jn 20:25

Unbelief concerning Jesus Christ’s power to heal Mt 17:17 pp Mk 9:19 pp Lk 9:41 See also Mt 17:19-20

Encouragements in overcoming unbelief

Mk 9:24; Jn 14:11 See also Mt 11:4-6; Jn 10:37-38; Jn 20:30-31; Ro 4:20

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