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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8833 threats
8833 threats

8833 threats

Intimidating announcements of action to be taken unless conditions are met. God uses threats against tyrannical and disobedient earthly rulers as a means of restoring them to obedience and humility in his sight. God’s people are not to threaten others and though the wicked will sometimes seek to intimidate them, they are to rely on God’s protection.

God threatened Pharaoh

See also Ex 8:1-4,21; Ex 9:2-3,13-14; Ex 10:3-6

God threatened his own people

In general Jos 23:15-16 See also Lev 26:14-20; Dt 11:26-28; Dt 28:15-20; 1Sa 12:15,25; 1Ki 9:6-7

Regarding the Babylonian captivity Eze 6:9-10 See also Jer 6:8; Jer 22:5-7; Jer 44:28-29

Threats made by God may be averted

Through a faithful intercessor Ex 32:11-14 See also Ne 1:8-9

Through turning from evil Jnh 3:10

The result of threats inflicted by God may be alleviated

Through returning to the Lord Dt 30:1-3

Through submission to God’s will See also Jer 27:6-13

God’s people may be threatened by others

Ac 9:1 See also 2Ki 18:17-35 pp Isa 36:1-20; Ne 4:7-8; Ps 55:9-11; Ps 73:8

God’s people, when threatened, are to rely on him

Ps 64:1-10 See also 2Ki 19:6-7 pp Isa 37:6-7; Ne 6:11-14; Isa 30:17-18; Ac 4:17-21,29-30

God’s people are not to threaten others

Eph 6:9 See also 1Pe 2:20-23

The rich are more likely to be threatened than the poor

Pr 13:8

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