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8832 testing

8832 testing

God allows his people to pass through certain experiences, so that he may see, and prove to them, that their faith in him is genuine. Believers sometimes doubt God and test him, to see if he is true to his word, but this is forbidden in Scripture.

God tests his people

Jas 1:2-3; 1Pe 1:7 See also Job 7:17-18; Job 23:10; Ps 11:5; Isa 1:25; Zec 13:9; Mal 3:3; Jas 1:12

Examples of God testing his people collectively

Ex 16:4; Dt 8:2-3 See also Ex 20:20 at the giving of the law; Dt 8:16 over the gathering of manna; Dt 13:3-4 by their attitude to a false prophet; Jdg 2:20-3:4 by leaving nations in the promised land

Examples of God testing his people individually

Ge 22:1-2 See also Jdg 7:4-7 Gideon; 2Ch 32:31 Hezekiah; 2Co 12:7-9 Paul

Jesus Christ tested the faith of people when he was on earth

Jn 6:5-6 See also Mt 15:22-28 pp Mk 7:25-30 a Canaanite woman; Mk 8:17-21 his disciples

Believers have a responsibility to test the quality of their lives

Ro 12:2 See also Ps 17:3 David prayed to God to test him: Ps 26:2; Ps 139:23
La 3:40; 2Co 13:5; Gal 6:4; 1Th 5:21

God will make a final test of believers’lives and service

1Co 3:12-15

People may test God as an expression of faith and obedience

Mal 3:10 See also Jdg 6:39

People must not test God as an expression of doubt and disobedience

Ex 17:2 See also Ex 17:7 fn; Nu 14:22-23; Dt 6:16; Dt 33:8; Ps 78:18,41,56; Ps 95:8 fn; Mt 4:7 pp Lk 4:12; Dt 6:16; Mt 19:3 pp Mk 10:2; Ac 5:9; Ac 15:10; Heb 3:8-9

The command to test the spirits

1Jn 4:1

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