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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8831 syncretism
8831 syncretism

8831 syncretism

The incorporation into religious faith and practice of elements from other religions, resulting in a loss of integrity and assimilation to the surrounding culture.

Syncretism in Israel

God’s claim to exclusive worship, the basis of the rejection of syncretism Ex 20:3 pp Dt 5:7 See also Dt 6:13-15; Jos 24:14-15; 1Ki 18:21

Syncretism forbidden to Israel Ex 34:15-16 See also Dt 7:1-6; Jos 23:16; 1Sa 7:3

Israelite practice of syncretism Jer 19:4-5 See also 2Ki 17:34-41; 2Ki 21:1-7 pp 2Ch 33:1-7; Eze 8:9-16

The consequence of syncretism Jer 2:5 See also Dt 18:9-13; 2Ki 17:15-17; Isa 2:6

Punishment for syncretism Zep 1:4-5 See also Dt 17:2-7; Jer 19:10-13; Hos 2:2-13

Syncretism in NT times

Mediterranean society was syncretistic Ac 14:11-13; Ac 17:16-23; Ac 19:13-16

NT opposition to syncretism Heb 13:9 See also 1Co 10:21; Gal 4:9-10; Col 2:18

Monotheism is incompatible with syncretism

Isa 44:6 See also Dt 6:4-5; Isa 43:10-12; 1Co 8:4-6

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