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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8829 superstition
8829 superstition

8829 superstition

Misplaced credulity concerning the supernatural, which leads to irrational fear, misdirected reverence, false religion and magic, and which brings God’s judgment. Scripture warns against and condemns such things.

Superstition causing irrational fear

Jer 10:2 See also Job 15:20-24; Job 18:11

Fear of Jesus Christ or his disciples Mt 14:26-27 pp Mk 6:49-50 See also Mt 14:2 pp Mk 6:14; Ac 5:13

Fear of other gods 1Ki 20:23 See also 1Ki 18:28; 1Ki 20:28; Ac 17:23

Misunderstanding God’s work

Ac 8:18-19 See also Lk 24:36-37; Ac 12:15; Ac 19:13 invoking the name of Jesus Christ for exorcism as though it were a magic formula; Ac 28:3-4

Superstition leading to misdirected reverence

Ac 14:11-13 See also Ac 28:5-6; Rev 22:8-9

False religion

Jdg 10:6-7 See also 1Sa 7:3-4; 1Ki 13:33; 1Ki 14:15-16,22-24; 2Ch 28:2-4 pp 2Ki 16:3-4; Jer 9:14; Jer 44:17-18; Hos 11:2

Unhelpful speculations

1Ti 1:3-4 See also Isa 65:2-3; Isa 66:17-18; Eze 13:2,17; 1Ti 6:3-4

The true demonic source of superstition

1Ti 4:1 See also Rev 9:20-21

See also

4185sorcery and magic
8747false gods
8748false religion
8750false teachings

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