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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8821 self-indulgence
8821 self-indulgence

8821 self-indulgence

Throwing off restraint and discipline and yielding to the desire to gratify selfish appetites and cravings. Scripture warns against such a characteristic and urges, instead, self-control, generosity and consideration for others.

The desire to satisfy selfish cravings

Eph 2:3 See also Ro 7:8; Ro 16:18; Tit 3:3; Jas 1:14; 2Pe 2:18-19; 1Jn 2:16

Examples of self-indulgent desires

Selfish ambition Jas 3:14-16 See also Pr 18:1; Gal 5:20; Php 1:17

The desire for one’s own way Isa 56:11-12 See also Dt 29:19; Est 1:10-12; Jas 4:1-3

The desire for sexual gratification Gal 5:19 See also Ge 19:5 Israelites’immorality with Moabite women: Nu 25:1; 1Co 10:8
2Sa 11:2-4 David’s adultery with Bathsheba; 2Sa 13:11-14 Amnon’s rape of Tamar; Pr 7:16-18 the lure of the adulteress; 2Co 12:21 sexual sin in the church at Corinth; 2Pe 2:14 sexual desires of false teachers

The desire for wealth Jas 5:3-5 See also Jos 7:21 Achan; 1Sa 8:3 Samuel’s sons; Jer 22:17 Jehoiakim, king of Judah; Hag 1:4 the people of Judah; Tit 1:11 false teachers in Crete

Indulgence in food and drink Isa 22:13 See also Pr 23:20; Ecc 6:7

Abandoning restraint

Eph 4:19 See also Ro 1:26-31; 2Ti 3:1-4; Jude 7

The consequences of self-indulgence

Self-indulgence proves futile Ecc 2:1-11 See also Lk 12:18-21

Self-indulgence leads to ruin Pr 21:17 See also Pr 6:26; Pr 23:21,29-32; Lk 15:13-16; 1Ti 5:6

Self-indulgence brings God’s judgment Ro 2:8 See also Pr 5:20-21; Php 3:19; Da 4:29-32 God’s judgment on Nebuchadnezzar’s selfish pride; Am 4:1-2 God’s judgment on Israel’s pampered upper-class women; Am 6:4-7 God’s judgment on Israel’s self-indulgent nobility; Lk 12:19-20

Dealing with self-indulgence

Receiving new life through Jesus Christ Mt 23:25 Dealing with self-indulgence requires an inner transformation. See also Ro 12:2; Col 2:21-23
Ro 13:14 See also Gal 5:24; Tit 2:11-12 Living in accordance with the Spirit: Ro 8:5; Gal 5:16

Seeking God’s will Ps 119:36; 1Pe 1:14; 1Pe 4:2

Self-control 1Th 4:3-5 See also Pr 23:4; 1Co 9:25-27; 1Pe 4:7; 2Pe 1:6

Ruthless self-denial Col 3:5 See also Da 1:8; Mt 5:28-29; 1Pe 2:11

Consideration for others Gal 5:13 See also 1Co 10:23-24; Php 2:3-4

Generosity Dt 15:7-8; Lk 19:8

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