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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8817 ridicule, objects of
8817 ridicule, objects of

8817 ridicule, objects of

Ridicule of God and of believers is to be expected, but it will bring divine retribution upon its perpetrators.

God ridiculed

Ps 74:10-18 See also 2Ki 19:4 pp Isa 37:4

Jesus Christ mocked

Lk 22:63-65 pp Mt 26:67-68 pp Mk 14:65 See also Lk 23:11; Mt 27:27-31 pp Mk 15:16-20; Jn 19:1-3; Mt 27:39-44 pp Mk 15:29-32 pp Lk 23:35-37

God’s messengers scorned

2Ch 36:15-16 See also 2Ch 30:6-10; Ac 2:1-13; Ac 17:17-18,32; Heb 11:36

God’s people may suffer ridicule for their faith

Ps 22:6-8 Job’s suffering increased by the ridicule of his persistent trust in God: Job 12:4; Job 16:10; Job 19:18; Job 30:1,9
Ps 35:15-25; Ps 42:10; Ps 69:10-12; Ps 79:4; Ps 89:50-51; Ps 123:3-4; Jer 20:7; La 2:15-16; La 3:14,63

Divine judgment because of ridicule

Zep 2:8-11 See also Pr 3:34; Isa 28:22

God ridicules his enemies

Ps 2:4-5 See also Ps 59:8

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