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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8816 ridicule, nature of
8816 ridicule, nature of

8816 ridicule, nature of

Scripture declares that ridicule of the weak, the poor and the godly is unacceptable. Those who ridicule them invite judgment upon themselves.

Warnings against ridicule

Ridicule is foolish Pr 11:12 See also Pr 1:20-22; Pr 14:6,9

Ridicule creates trouble Pr 9:12 See also Pr 19:29; Pr 22:10; Pr 29:8; Pr 30:17; Mt 5:22 “Raca” probably means “empty-head”, a term of derision.

Ridicule is a sign of the last days 2Pe 3:3-4 See also Jude 18

Examples of ridicule

Jdg 9:28-29,38; 1Sa 17:41-44; 1Ki 22:24; 2Ki 2:23-24; 2Ki 18:23-25; Ne 2:19; Ne 4:1-3

Ridicule associated with divine punishment

Isa 14:3-4 See also Isa 37:22-23; Jer 49:17; Jer 50:13; Eze 36:1-7; Hab 2:6; Zep 2:15
Mic 2:3-4 See also Dt 28:37; 1Ki 9:6-9 pp 2Ch 7:19-22; Jer 19:8; Jer 24:9; Eze 5:14-15; Eze 23:32; Eze 22:3-5; Hos 7:16; Mic 6:16

Prophets ridicule idolatry

1Ki 18:27 See also Isa 41:7,21-24; Isa 44:12-17; Isa 46:1-2; Jer 10:3-5

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