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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8813 riches, spiritual
8813 riches, spiritual

8813 riches, spiritual

Out of his infinite abundance God gives his people spiritual treasure. This, much more valuable than material wealth, is to be held in the highest esteem and sought after eagerly.

The riches of God

His wisdom and knowledge Ro 11:33-36

His mercy, love and grace Eph 2:4; Eph 3:8 See also Ro 2:4; Eph 2:7

His riches in Jesus Christ Col 2:2-3 See also Php 4:19; Col 1:27

God bestows spiritual riches on believers

His precious word Job 23:12; Ps 19:9-10; Ps 119:72,111,127

A wealth of spiritual qualities Isa 33:5-6 See also Pr 2:1-5; Pr 15:6; 2Co 9:10-11; Eph 1:7-8; Col 2:2-3; Jas 2:5

A glorious gospel 2Co 4:7

A costly kingdom See also Mt 13:44-46

A rich reward Ru 2:12 See also 1Sa 26:23; Ps 18:20; Pr 25:21-22; Col 3:24; Heb 10:35

A heavenly inheritance Ac 20:32 See also Eph 1:13-14,18; Col 1:12; Col 3:24; 1Pe 1:4

Christians and spiritual riches

Christians need to appreciate their spiritual riches Eph 1:7-8 See also Eph 1:18; Rev 2:9

Christians need to store up treasure in heaven Lk 12:33 See also Mt 6:20; Lk 12:20-21; 1Ti 6:19; Heb 11:26; Rev 3:18

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