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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8811 riches, believers’attitudes towards
8811 riches, believers’attitudes towards

8811 riches, believers’attitudes towards

God entrusts some of his people with material wealth. If this is to be a blessing, it must be used in God-honouring ways.

Believers may be blessed with riches

Riches can be a blessing from God 1Ch 29:16 See also 1Ch 29:14-15; Job 1:9-10 Poverty is no certain mark of God’s disfavour: 2Ki 4:1; Mt 8:20; Lk 6:20; Lk 16:20-22; Ro 15:26

The attitude of believers towards riches

They acknowledge that their riches come from God 1Ch 29:12 See also Ecc 5:19-20

They devote their riches to God’s service Pr 3:9-10 See also 1Ch 29:1-9; Ac 4:32-37

They support gospel work and workers Lk 8:1-3; Ac 16:15

They give to the poor 1Jn 3:17 See also Lk 19:8; Ac 9:36-39; Gal 2:10

They are generous 1Ti 6:18 See also Dt 15:10-11; 2Co 9:10-11

They remain humble Jas 1:10-11

They do not trust in riches 1Ti 6:17 See also Job 31:24-28; Pr 11:28; Jer 49:4

They do not set their heart on riches Ps 62:10 See also Lk 12:29-30

Believers value heavenly riches most

Mt 6:20-21 See also Lk 12:33-34; 1Ti 6:18-19

Examples of rich believers

Abraham Ge 12:1-3; Ge 13:1-2

Solomon 2Ch 1:11-12; 2Ch 9:22

Hezekiah 2Ch 32:27-29

Job Job 1:1-3

Joseph of Arimathea Isa 53:9; Mt 27:57-60 pp Mk 15:42-46 pp Lk 23:50-54 pp Jn 19:38-42

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