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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8810 riches, dangers of
8810 riches, dangers of

8810 riches, dangers of

Material wealth can be a source of both physical and spiritual danger, against which believers are clearly warned to be on their guard.

Riches are spiritually dangerous

Love of riches a root of many evils 1Ti 6:10 See also Jos 7:11,20-21; 1Ti 3:3

They may lead to divided loyalty Mt 6:24 pp Lk 16:13 See also Mt 4:9-10; Jas 4:4

They may hinder people’s response to the gospel Mt 13:22 pp Mk 4:19 pp Lk 8:14; Mt 19:21-22 pp Mk 10:21-22 pp Lk 18:22-23

They may create false security 1Ti 6:17 See also Job 31:24-28; Ps 52:6-7; Pr 11:28; Jer 49:4

They may make people proud Eze 28:5 See also Ps 62:10; Pr 18:23; Pr 28:11; Hos 12:8

They may cause unbelief and anxiety Ecc 5:12 See also Job 20:17-20; Pr 15:6

They may lead people to forget God Pr 30:8-9 See also Dt 8:10-14; Dt 32:15; Ne 9:25-26; Hos 13:6

Riches are physically dangerous

Working for them may cause excessive tiredness Pr 23:4 See also Jn 6:26-27

Enjoying them may lead to self-indulgence Jas 5:5 See also Hag 1:3-5; Mt 23:25; Lk 16:19-21; 1Ti 6:8-9

Misusing them may foster oppression and injustice Lev 19:13 See also Dt 24:12-15; Pr 22:16; Isa 1:23; Jer 22:13; Mic 6:12; Mal 3:5; Jas 2:6; Jas 5:4

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