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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8809 riches, nature of
8809 riches, nature of

8809 riches, nature of

God has created an abundance of good things. Those who have material wealth should understand its true nature and acknowledge God.

God and riches

All riches belong to God the Creator Ps 24:1-2 See also Job 41:11; Ps 50:12; Hag 2:8

God gives of his riches 1Sa 2:7 See also Ecc 5:19; 1Ch 29:12; 2Ch 1:12

God gives the ability to produce wealth Dt 8:17-18 See also Ge 26:12-13; Dt 26:9-10

Riches may be a sign of God’s blessing Pr 10:22 See also 2Ch 25:9; Job 1:9-10; Ps 112:1-3; Ps 128:1-2; Pr 8:17-18

Riches should be thankfully received 1Ti 4:4-5 See also Mt 14:19; Ro 1:21; Col 3:17

The character of earthly riches

Riches provide great opportunity for doing good Ex 35:29; 1Ch 29:6-7; Lk 12:33; Lk 16:9; Lk 19:8; Ac 4:34-35

Riches do not satisfy Ecc 5:10 See also Pr 13:11; Pr 27:20,24; Ecc 4:8; Ecc 6:7; Lk 12:18

Riches are insecure and uncertain 1Ti 6:17 See also Job 1:13-19; Pr 23:5; Pr 27:24; Jer 48:36; Mt 6:19; 1Pe 1:18; Rev 18:14-20

Riches are for this life only 1Jn 2:17 See also Lk 12:13-21; 1Ti 6:6-8

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