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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8807 profanity
8807 profanity

8807 profanity

Behaviour which dishonours God’s name or brings it into disrepute. It is often the result of idolatry, injustice or irreverence. Scripture strongly admonishes God’s people to avoid it.

General warnings against profanity

Lev 22:31-33 See also Lev 21:5-6

God’s name profaned through idolatry

Through child sacrifice Lev 18:21 See also Lev 20:3; Dt 12:29-31; Dt 18:9-13; 2Ki 16:1-4 pp 2Ch 28:1-4; 2Ki 17:16-17; 2Ki 21:1-6 pp 2Ch 33:1-6; Ps 106:36-39; Isa 57:3-5; Jer 32:32-35; Eze 16:20-22

Through the worship of idols Eze 20:39 See also Jer 44:25-28; Eze 20:31; Eze 43:6-9

God’s name profaned through injustice and evil

Mal 2:10 See also Jer 34:12-16; Am 2:6-8; Am 5:7-15; Mic 6:6-8

God’s name profaned through false swearing

Lev 19:12 See also Jer 5:1-2; Mt 5:33-37; Jas 5:12

God’s name profaned through blasphemy

Isa 52:5-6 See also Ex 20:7 pp Dt 5:11; Lev 24:10-16; Isa 37:23; 2Pe 2:12

God’s name profaned through irreverence

Lev 22:2 See also Eze 22:26; Zep 3:1-4; Mal 1:6-14

God’s name profaned in the sight of foreign nations

Eze 39:7 See also Eze 20:13-44; Eze 36:16-23; Ro 2:17-24; Isa 52:5

Penalties for profanity

Lev 20:1-5 See also Jer 44:25-30; Eze 13:17-23; Eze 21:24-27; Eze 39:1-8; Am 4:2-13; Am 8:4-14; Mal 2:7-9

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