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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8800 prejudice
8800 prejudice

8800 prejudice

Seen mainly in Scripture as a bias against places, peoples and ideas. It is sometimes so firmly rooted as to resist all contrary evidence.

Prejudice against places

Jn 1:46 See also Jn 7:41,52

Prejudice against people

Prejudice due to an attitude of superiority Jn 7:49 See also 1Sa 10:27; 1Sa 25:10-11; Job 30:1-10; Isa 65:5; Lk 18:11

Prejudice based on fear or jealousy Ex 1:9-10,12-13; 1Sa 18:8-9,29

Prejudice against Jesus Christ Jn 12:37 See also Mt 9:34; Mk 6:2-3; Jn 9:29; Jn 10:20

Prejudice may be based on false assumptions about people’s behaviour

Hostility incorrectly assumed Ge 12:11-12 See also Ge 20:1-2; Ge 26:1-11

Motives misunderstood Nu 32:5-9 The leaders of Reuben and Gad chose to inhabit the fertile land in Transjordan but they were also prepared to cross the Jordan to help their brothers conquer the land. See also Nu 32:14,17; Jos 22:10-24; 2Sa 10:3

Prejudice in terms of partiality

Favouritism Ge 25:28; Ge 37:3; Ge 44:20,27-29

People are often prejudiced in favour of their own kind Mt 5:46-47 pp Lk 6:32-34 See also Lk 7:29; Lk 17:16; Ac 10:45; Lk 11:18

Prejudice on grounds of outward appearance or behaviour Jas 2:3-4 See also 1Sa 16:7; 2Sa 14:25; Ecc 9:16; Jn 8:15; Ro 14:1,3,10,13; 1Co 4:5; Gal 2:6

Prejudice due to race Est 3:5-6 See also Ezr 4:15-16; Ne 4:1-4; Est 3:8-14; Est 7:4; Da 3:8-12; Da 6:3-9,13

Partiality forbidden Ex 23:3 See also Lev 19:15; Jas 2:9

God is not prejudiced

God is impartial Ac 10:34 See also Ro 2:11; Eph 6:9; Col 3:25

Job falsely accuses God of partiality Job 9:16,20,30-31; Job 10:15-17

Prejudice which no contrary evidence would change

Lk 16:31 See also 1Sa 22:13-15; Mt 11:21-23; Mt 21:32; Ac 7:52; Ac 13:41

The Sadducees’prejudice against the resurrection

Mt 22:23 pp Mk 12:18 pp Lk 20:27 See also Ac 4:1-3; Ac 23:8

See also

2545Christ, opposition to

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