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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8771 idolatry, objections to
8771 idolatry, objections to

8771 idolatry, objections to

Scripture presents idolatry as absurd and irrational, offensive to God and a source of spiritual and moral danger.

Idolatry is disparaged

The absurdity of making idols Hab 2:18 See also Dt 4:28; Isa 40:18-20; Isa 41:6-7; Jer 10:3-9; Hos 10:6; Hab 2:19

Idols represent falsehood and fraud Ps 40:4 See also Jer 2:5; Jer 10:14; Jer 16:19; Jer 51:17-18; Hos 12:1; Am 2:4

Bowing down to idols is inappropriate Ps 135:17-18 pp Ps 115:5-8 See also Isa 2:8; Isa 44:15-17; Isa 46:6; Jer 1:16; Mic 5:13

Idols contrasted with the Lord

Isa 46:5 See also Isa 40:25-26; Jer 5:24; Jer 10:10; Hos 2:8; Ac 17:24-25

Idolatry is forbidden by God

Ex 20:3-4 pp Dt 5:7-8

Idolatry incurs severe penalties

Zep 1:4 See also Dt 13:1-9,12-15; Isa 66:4; Am 5:27; Na 1:14

God abominates idols

Eze 7:20 Two terms, that is “idols” and “vile images”, meaning “abomination” are found here in parallel. A third, punning on the word for “dung” is often used by Ezekiel for idols. See also Dt 7:25; 2Ki 23:24; Eze 5:9,11; Eze 6:4

Pressure to worship idols must be resisted and idols abandoned

Da 3:18 See also Isa 2:20; Isa 30:22; Isa 31:7

The dangers of idolatry

Blindness Isa 44:18

Becoming like idols Ps 115:8 See also Jer 2:5; Hos 9:10

Spiritual adultery Dt 31:16 See also Jdg 8:33; Isa 1:21; Jer 13:27; Hos 1:2; Hos 2:7; Hos 8:9

Injustice Am 5:7

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