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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8769 idolatry, in OT
8769 idolatry, in OT

8769 idolatry, in OT

Scripture provides illustrations of idolatry from various periods in the history of the people of God. Idolatry is seen as a constant temptation for believers, especially in times of national or personal stress.

Idolatry among the Gentiles

Jdg 11:24; Jdg 16:23-24; 2Ki 5:18; Isa 36:18-20; Isa 37:38; Isa 46:1; Eze 8:14; Ac 14:11-13; 1Co 8:5

Idolatry among God’s people

In patriarchal times Jos 24:2 See also Ge 31:30,34 these household gods may have been either masks or statuettes; Ge 35:2

In the Mosaic period Ex 32:4

In the period of the judges Jdg 17:5 See also Jdg 10:6

In the early monarchy 1Ki 11:10 See also 1Ki 12:28 The golden calves were perhaps pedestals on which the Lord was thought to sit.

In the middle monarchy 1Ki 16:33 An Asherah pole was probably a crude carved wooden image of a Canaanite fertility goddess. See also 1Ki 11:7-8; 1Ki 16:32

In the late monarchy 2Ki 21:2-6

After the fall of Jerusalem Eze 8:10 See also Eze 8:3,14,16

Objects of false worship

The sun, moon and stars Dt 4:19 See also Dt 17:3; Job 31:26

Other objects of worship Dt 4:28 See also Dt 16:22 sacred stones; 1Ki 12:31 high places; Isa 1:29 oaks

Practices associated with idolatry

The burning of children 2Ki 23:10

The superstitious use of religious symbols 2Ki 18:4 See also Jdg 8:27 The ephod was a priestly garment sometimes subject to excessive veneration.

Sexual deviance Dt 23:17 See also 1Ki 14:24; Hos 4:14

See also

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7384household gods
7471temples, heathen
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