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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8765 grudge
8765 grudge

8765 grudge

A persistent feeling of ill will or resentment held by one person against another, often as the result of an injury or insult. Christians are not to bear grudges against others; instead they are to forgive those who have wronged them.

Examples of those who held grudges

Esau against Jacob Ge 27:41

Joseph’s brothers and Joseph Ge 37:4 See also Ge 37:5,8,18-19,23-24; Ge 50:15

The Israelites against Moses and Aaron Nu 11:1; Nu 14:1-4,27

Saul against David 1Sa 18:7-9

Ahab against Elijah 1Ki 18:16-17; 1Ki 21:20; 1Ki 22:8

Herodias against John the Baptist Mk 6:18-19

The disciples against others See also Mt 26:6-9 pp Mk 14:3-5; Jn 12:3-6

The Sadducees against the apostles Ac 5:17

The Jews against Stephen Ac 7:54

Severe grudges that led to hatred and murder

That of Abel by Cain Ge 4:4-8

That of Joseph by his brothers, averted by Reuben Ge 37:18-20

That of Amnon, on the orders of Absalom 2Sa 13:22,28-32

That of John the Baptist by Herodias Mk 6:22-24,27-28

Warnings against the holding of grudges

In the OT Lev 19:18 See also Dt 15:10; Jdg 8:1-3; Job 5:2; Job 36:13; Pr 3:11; Pr 20:22; Pr 23:17

In Jesus Christ’s teaching Mk 7:21-23 pp Mt 15:19-20

In the apostles’teaching Ro 12:17-21; 1Th 5:15 See also Gal 5:15,19-21; Php 2:13-15; Col 3:8; 2Ti 2:24; Jas 3:14-16; 1Pe 2:1

Christians should not hold grudges

Mt 5:43-47 See also Mt 18:21-35; Col 3:13

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