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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8764 forgetting God
8764 forgetting God

8764 forgetting God

Scripture warns people how easy it is to forget God in the varying circumstances of life and to fail to give him his due place, and points out the consequences of so doing.

Warnings not to forget God

Forgetting God’s past acts Dt 4:9 See also Dt 9:7-8; Isa 51:12-13

Forgetting God’s covenant Dt 4:23 See also 2Ki 17:38

Forgetting God’s ways Isa 55:6-8 See also Dt 18:9-13; 1Ki 2:1-4

Reasons why people forget God

Easy circumstances Dt 6:10-12 See also Dt 8:10-14

Idolatry Jdg 8:33-34 See also Ex 32:1-8; Dt 12:29-31; 1Ki 11:4-6

Pride and stubbornness Ne 9:16 See also Dt 9:12-13; 2Ki 17:14-17; Jer 7:22-26

Consequences of people forgetting God

Spiritual adultery Hos 1:2 See also Jer 3:6-10; Hos 4:10-13; Hos 5:4

Social decay Hos 4:1-3

The destruction of the nation Dt 8:19-20 See also Dt 6:14-15

The death of the sinner Ps 9:17 See also Job 8:11-13; Ps 50:22; Isa 65:11-12

Examples of people forgetting God

Jdg 8:33-34; 2Ki 17:7-20; Ps 78:40-43; Ps 106:19-22; Isa 1:2-3; Jer 3:19-21

Exhortations and resolve not to forget God

Ps 103:2; Ps 119:61,109

God’s provision to help people not to forget him

His word Ps 78:5-7 See also Dt 31:24-27; Jer 20:9

Covenantal meals and festivals Dt 16:1-3,9-12; 1Co 11:23-26

External signs Ge 9:12-17; Ge 17:9-13; Nu 15:37-39; Dt 11:18-20

God’s challenge to those who forget him

Hos 4:1 See also Isa 57:11; Jer 2:31-32; Hos 2:2-13

God’s call to those who forget him

Jer 3:19-22 See also Rev 2:4-5; Rev 3:20

God’s grace even when his people do forget him

Isa 49:15-16 See also Dt 4:25-31; Ne 9:29-31

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