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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8763 forgetting
8763 forgetting

8763 forgetting

The process of accidentally or deliberately failing to remember people, events or ideas. Scripture rebukes those who forget the past work of God in history or in their lives or who neglect their present responsibilities towards God in order to please themselves.

Causes of forgetting

Forgetting can be deliberate 2Pe 3:5

Forgetting can be caused by idolatry Jer 23:25-27 See also Dt 32:15-18; Jdg 3:7; Jer 18:15; Hos 2:13

Forgetting can be caused by pride Hos 13:4-6 See also 2Ch 26:16; Ps 10:4

Forgetting can be caused by drinking Pr 31:4-5 See also Ge 9:20-21; Mt 24:45-51 pp Lk 12:42-46

Forgetting can be caused by affliction Ps 102:4 See also Ge 41:28-31; La 3:17-20

Forgetting people

Ge 40:23 See also Job 19:13-15; Ps 31:11-12

Forgetting God

Dt 32:18 See also Jdg 2:10-13; 1Sa 12:9-10

Forgetting God’s acts in the past

Ps 78:11-20 See also Jdg 8:33-34; Ne 9:16-17; Ps 106:7-13

Consequences of forgetting God

Forgetting God brings suffering on the individual Ps 50:22 See also 1Sa 12:9; Isa 17:10-11

Forgetting God brings suffering on others 2Sa 12:9 David’s forgetting of God in his adultery with Bathsheba led to her husband Uriah suffering death through David’s manipulation of events. See also Ps 106:13-15; Jer 3:21

Forgetting God brings destruction on the nation Dt 8:19-20 See also Isa 65:11-12; Hos 8:14

Warnings not to forget God

Dt 6:12 See also Dt 4:9; Dt 8:10-14; 2Ki 17:35-38

People may sometimes feel that God has forgotten them

Ps 13:1 See also Ps 42:9-10; Ps 44:23-24; Isa 49:14; Mt 27:46 pp Mk 15:34; Ps 22:1

God promises never to forget his people

Isa 44:21 See also Isa 49:15-16; Heb 6:10

Things God urges believers to forget

Isa 43:18 See also Php 3:13-15

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