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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8761 fools, in teaching of Jesus Christ
8761 fools, in teaching of Jesus Christ

8761 fools, in teaching of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ speaks about those whose words and actions demonstrate opposition to, or disregard for, the wisdom of God revealed in his words and through the Scriptures, and in parables points to the serious consequences of folly.

The foolishness of the Pharisees

Their blindness Mt 23:16-17 The Pharisees demonstrate foolishness by attaching undue significance to what is less important whilst neglecting what really matters. See also Mt 7:3 pp Lk 6:41; Mt 15:14 pp Lk 6:39; Mt 23:23-24

Their hypocrisy Lk 11:39-40 The Pharisees were concerned with the externals of religion. Jesus Christ is concerned, also, with the inner life. See also Mt 12:35-36; Mt 23:25-28

The foolishness of the disciples

Lk 24:25 See also Mt 15:16-20 pp Mk 7:20-23; Mk 8:17 pp Mt 16:9; Mk 9:32; Mk 16:12-14

Fools in Jesus Christ’s parables

The rich fool Lk 12:16-21 The foolishness of trusting in wealth and not in God. See also Job 27:16-19; Da 4:30-31; Mt 6:19

The foolish builder Mt 7:24-27 pp Lk 6:49 See also Pr 1:28-33; Isa 65:2; Jer 5:21-25; Jer 13:10; Eze 3:7

The foolish virgins Mt 25:1-13 The foolishness of being unprepared for the coming of God’s kingdom. See also Mk 13:35-36; Lk 12:35-36

The seriousness of the term “fool”

Mt 5:22 See also Pr 1:32; Ecc 7:17

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