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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8760 fools, characteristics of
8760 fools, characteristics of

8760 fools, characteristics of

Scripture portrays fools as those who have rejected God and his ways and are unable or unwilling to appreciate the wisdom of knowing and obeying him.

The world regards Christians as fools

1Co 4:10 See also 1Co 1:26-31

The world regards the gospel as foolish

1Co 1:18 See also 1Co 1:20-25

Fools do not believe in God

Ps 53:1 pp Ps 14:1 See also Ro 1:21

Fools do not trust God Hos 7:11 See also 2Ch 16:7-9; Isa 19:11-13; Isa 30:1

Fools lack knowledge of God Jer 4:22 See also Jer 5:4,21; Ps 92:6; Lk 24:25; Eph 5:15-17

The behaviour of fools

Fools worship idols Jer 10:8 See also Jer 10:14 pp Jer 51:17; Ro 1:22-23

Fools act in a godless manner Isa 32:6 See also Ps 94:5-8; Pr 10:23; Ecc 7:25; Jer 4:22

Fools are dishonest Jer 17:11

Fools give vent to their anger Pr 29:11 See also Ecc 7:9

Fools are disobedient 1Sa 13:13 See also 2Sa 24:10 pp 1Ch 21:8; Ps 107:17; Pr 10:8

Fools despise instruction and discipline Pr 1:22 See also Pr 1:28-33; Pr 5:23; Pr 12:15; Isa 65:2; Jer 18:12; Eze 3:7

The speech of fools

Fools speak unwisely Pr 18:6-7 See also Ecc 10:12; Eph 5:4

Fools are slanderous Pr 10:18 See also 2Pe 2:15

Fools are mockers Pr 14:9 See also Pr 1:22; Pr 14:6; Pr 23:9; Pr 24:9

Fools love quarrelling and dissension Pr 20:3 See also Pr 19:1; 1Ti 1:4; 1Ti 6:4; 2Ti 2:23; Tit 3:9

The words of fools are empty Pr 15:2 See also Pr 14:7; Pr 26:7; Ecc 9:17; Ecc 10:14

Fools rely on themselves

Pr 12:15 See also Pr 14:12; Pr 28:26

Fools rely on words, not deeds

Jas 2:20 See also Ecc 5:4; Lk 11:39-40

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