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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8753 favouritism
8753 favouritism

8753 favouritism

The unfair treatment of a person or group in preference to another. Favouritism is shown in Scripture as causing division both in the family and in the church. It is warned against in the administration of justice. The human tendency to partiality is contrasted with God’s impartial dealings.

Favouritism in family life

Isaac’s preference for Esau Ge 25:23,28

Rebekah’s preference for Jacob Ge 27:6-10

Jacob’s preference for Joseph Ge 37:3-4

Elkanah’s preference for Hannah 1Sa 1:5-6

The child of a favourite wife must not receive preferential treatment Dt 21:15-16

Favouritism in church relationships

In the treatment of widows Ac 6:1

James warned against favouring rich Christians Jas 2:1-4,8-9

Paul warned Timothy against showing favouritism 1Ti 5:21

Justice must be impartial

Lev 19:15 See also Ex 23:3; Dt 16:19; Job 13:10; Ps 82:2; Pr 24:23; Pr 28:21; Mal 2:9

God has no favourites

Ro 2:11 See also Job 34:19; Mt 5:45

God has no favourite nation Ac 10:34-35 See also Ro 2:10; Eph 6:8-9

God does not differentiate between Jewish and Gentile Christians Ac 15:7-9; Ro 10:12-13

God judges all without favouritism Dt 10:17; 2Ch 19:7; Ro 2:9; Col 3:25; 1Pe 1:17

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