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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8749 false teachers
8749 false teachers

8749 false teachers

Those who teach error and in so doing lead others astray. They are to be distinguished from false prophets who are equally condemned in Scripture.

The OT prophets warned God’s people against being led astray by false teachers

Isa 9:16; Eze 34:2 See also Isa 3:12; Isa 8:20; Jer 2:8; Jer 10:21; Jer 23:1; Eze 22:26; Mal 2:7-8

Jesus Christ condemned false teachers

He opposed legalism and hypocrisy Mt 5:19

He identified the teachers of the law and Pharisees as false teachers Mt 23:1-33 pp Lk 11:42-52 See also Mt 15:14

He warned his followers against them Mt 16:6,12 pp Mk 8:15 pp Lk 12:1

The condemnation of false teachers in the early church

Paul urges his readers to avoid false teachers 1Ti 6:3-6 See also Ac 20:29-31; Ro 16:17-18; 2Co 11:3-4 The Corinthian church had been undiscerningly tolerant of Jewish deceivers in their midst; Eph 4:14 The Colossian heresy taught that the combination of faith in Jesus Christ with man-made regulations was necessary for salvation: Col 2:4,8 Paul warns against the heretical teachers in the Ephesian church: 1Ti 1:3-4,7
1Ti 4:1-3; 1Ti 6:20-21; Tit 1:10-11; Heb 13:9; 2Jn 9-10 The Nicolaitans: Rev 2:6,15
Rev 2:14 the followers of Balaam; Rev 2:20

Hymenaeus and Philetus are cited as examples of false teachers 2Ti 2:17-18

Those who teach will be judged particularly strictly Jas 3:1 See also 2Co 11:13-15; Gal 1:6-9; Gal 5:10

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