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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8744 faithlessness, as disobedience
8744 faithlessness, as disobedience

8744 faithlessness, as disobedience

A lack of faith and obedience to God, which is seen especially in the lives of unbelievers. However, Scripture makes clear that believers can occasionally lapse into faithlessness towards God.

Faithlessness among the ungodly

In their character and lifestyle Ps 101:3-5; Ps 119:158 See also Ps 10:4; Ps 14:1; Jn 16:8-9; 2Th 3:2; Tit 1:15-16

Examples of faithless men 1Sa 25:2-3 Nabal; Est 3:5-6 Haman; Mt 2:16 Herod the Great; Ac 19:23-27 Demetrius

The faithless appear to prosper Jer 12:1 See also Job 21:7; Ps 73:3-5,12; Mal 3:15

Faithlessness results in judgment Pr 14:14; Jn 3:36 See also Ps 73:17-18,27; Mal 4:1; Mk 16:16; Jn 8:24; 2Th 2:12; Rev 21:8

Faithlessness among the Jews

Their failure to trust God for deliverance Isa 31:1 See also Isa 22:8-11; Isa 30:1-2,12-13

Their rejection of the gospel Jn 12:37-38 See also Isa 53:1; Jn 3:11-12; Jn 5:37-40; Jn 8:45; Jn 10:25-26

Specific examples Mt 13:58 pp Mk 6:5-6 the people of Nazareth; Mt 19:21-22 pp Mk 10:21-22 pp Lk 18:22-23 the rich young ruler; Ac 28:24 Many Jews reject Paul’s ministry in Rome; 1Ti 1:13 Paul’s own persecution of the church arose from unbelief in Jesus Christ.

Israel’s estrangement from God Mt 21:43 See also Ps 118:22; Mt 21:41 pp Mk 12:9; Ro 9:32-33

The acceptance of the Gentiles Ro 11:17-21 The Jews’rejection of the gospel opens the way for Gentiles to be incorporated into the people of God, represented here as branches grafted onto a cultivated olive tree.

Israel’s faithlessness is partial and temporary Ro 11:5 Though the people as a whole have rejected Jesus Christ, a faithful remnant remains; Ro 11:11-12,23-27 God’s purpose for the faithful of Israel is their ultimate salvation.

Faithlessness among believers

Lack of faith is rebuked Mt 14:30-31 See also Mt 6:30-32 pp Lk 12:28-30 worrying about food and clothing; Mt 8:24-26 pp Mk 4:38-40 pp Lk 8:23-25 Fear during a storm at sea; Mt 17:17-20 pp Mk 9:17-19 pp Lk 9:40-42 inability to cast out a demon

Causes of faithlessness Mt 16:8-10 failure to learn from the lessons of the past; Lk 24:25 failure to accept teaching that has been given

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