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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8743 faithlessness, nature and causes of
8743 faithlessness, nature and causes of

8743 faithlessness, nature and causes of

The abandoning of a commitment to the Lord, seen in disowning him, wandering from the truth and becoming entangled with the world, and resulting in judgment.

Warnings against faithlessness

2Ti 2:12-13 See also Mt 10:33 pp Lk 12:9; Lk 9:62; Heb 10:35-39; Hab 2:3-4

Ways in which faithlessness is seen

Turning away from the Lord Heb 3:12

Abandoning the gospel of grace Gal 1:6

Becoming entangled in the world 2Pe 2:20-22 See also Pr 26:11; 2Ti 4:10

Causes of faithlessness

False teaching 2Ti 2:17-18 See also Gal 1:7; Gal 4:8-11; 1Ti 4:1-3; 2Ti 4:3-4; 2Pe 3:17

Persecution and trials Mt 13:20-21 pp Mk 4:16-17 pp Lk 8:13 See also Mt 24:9-13

Concern for money and possessions 1Ti 6:10 See also Pr 30:8-9; Mt 13:22 pp Mk 4:18-19 pp Lk 8:14

Love growing cold Mt 24:12 See also Rev 2:4

Sexual desire 1Ti 5:11-15

Faithlessness brings punishment

Church discipline 1Ti 1:18-20 These men had been excluded from the church, a sanctuary from Satan’s power.

God’s judgment Mt 10:33 pp Lk 12:9 See also Heb 6:4-6; Heb 10:26-27

The faithlessness of those who fall away

The absence of true faith 1Jn 2:19

True faith is proved by perseverance See also Jas 1:2-3; 1Pe 1:5-7

Israel’s faithlessness in the OT

Israel’s unfaithfulness led to God’s rejection Ps 78:56-59

Warnings not to repeat Israel’s unfaithfulness Ps 95:7-11; Heb 3:7-12; Heb 4:1-2

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