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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8733 envy
8733 envy

8733 envy

A desire for another’s gifts, possessions, position or achievements, closely associated with jealousy.

Causes of envy

Envy is the result of human sin Gal 5:19-21 See also Pr 23:17; Mt 15:19-20 pp Mk 7:21-23; Ro 1:29; 1Co 3:3; 1Ti 6:4; Tit 3:3; 1Pe 2:1-2

Envy arises from the good fortune of others Ge 26:12-14; 1Sa 18:6-8; Ps 73:3; Mt 20:12-15

Love does not envy others 1Co 13:4

Envy arises from the spiritual abilities of others Ps 106:16-18; Ac 13:44-45 See also Nu 11:28-30; Nu 12:2; Nu 16:1-3; Mt 27:18 pp Mk 15:10; Ac 17:5; Php 1:15

Examples of envy

Cain envies Abel Ge 4:3-5

Esau envies Jacob Ge 27:41

Rachel envies Leah Ge 30:1

The brothers envy Joseph Ge 37:4

Results of envy

Job 5:2 See also Pr 14:30; Ecc 4:4; Jas 3:14-16

In some cases, envy can be used by God Ro 10:19; Ro 11:11,13-14 Paul hopes that the Gentiles’response to the gospel might make Israel want its blessings as well. See also Dt 32:21

Envy forbidden

Ps 37:1 See also Pr 3:31; Pr 24:1; Gal 5:26

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