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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8726 doubters
8726 doubters

8726 doubters

Scripture provides examples of believers who express temporary doubts—in particular about the willingness and power of God to deliver his people, the nature of his purpose, and their own place within the divine plan.

Examples of those doubting their effectiveness to serve God

Moses Ex 3:11 See also Ex 4:1,10-13; Ex 6:12,30; Nu 11:13-15

Gideon Jdg 6:15 See also Jdg 6:17,36-40

Elijah 1Ki 19:3-4 See also 1Ki 19:10,14

Jeremiah Jer 1:6 See also Jer 15:10

Those temporarily doubting God’s promises

Ge 15:8 See also Ge 17:17-18; Ge 18:12-15; Lk 1:18

Those doubting God’s power

Abraham and Isaac doubt God’s protection Ge 12:12-13 Fearing for his safety, Abraham resorts to deception. See also Ge 20:2; Ge 26:7

Moses and Israel in the desert Ex 5:22-23 See also Ex 14:10-11 The Israelites doubt God’s protection at the Red Sea; Nu 11:21-22 Moses doubts God’s provision of food; Nu 13:31-33 The ten spies doubt God’s power to give victory in Canaan; Nu 20:7-12 Moses strikes the rock twice.

Others doubting God’s deliverance 1Sa 17:11 The people of Israel are dismayed by the challenge from Goliath; Isa 7:2 King Ahaz, afraid of the coalition of Syria and Israel turns to Assyria for help; Mt 14:29-31 Peter, walking on water, is afraid and begins to sink; Ac 12:14-15 The early church does not believe that God has released Peter from prison.

Believers questioning God

Questioning God’s actions Jdg 6:13 See also Nu 11:10-12; Nu 14:3; Jos 7:7-8

Questioning God’s commands 1Sa 16:2 Samuel; 2Ki 4:42-43 Elisha’s servant; Isa 7:12 Ahaz Jesus Christ’s disciples: Mk 6:37 pp Mt 14:16-17 pp Lk 9:13
Jn 11:39 Martha; Ac 9:13-14 Ananias

Believers with doubts about Jesus Christ

Mt 11:2-3 pp Lk 7:18-19 Jn 20:25 See also Mt 28:17; Mk 16:11-14; Lk 24:25

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