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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8719 distrust
8719 distrust

8719 distrust

Failure to trust another, or a tendency to be suspicious of others’abilities or intentions. Though sometimes justifiable towards other human beings, such an attitude is never acceptable towards God.

Distrust between human beings

Ge 50:15-17 Joseph’s brothers distrusted him because they could not believe he had forgiven them. See also Ge 32:6-8 Jacob distrusted Esau because he thought he was seeking revenge; Jdg 11:19-20 Sihon distrusted Israel because he suspected a trick; Ac 15:37-38 Paul distrusted John Mark, having been let down by him.

Distrust of God

Israel distrusted God Zep 3:2 See also Dt 1:32-33; Dt 9:23-24 Because that generation distrusted God, they failed to enter the promised land; Ps 78:7,22 Israel distrusted God in spite of the miracles he had done for her. Israel distrusted God as a result of her idolatry: 2Ki 17:14-15; Jer 13:25

Other examples Distrust in God involves failure to trust God’s promises and placing trust in other things: Jer 13:25; Eze 33:13; Mal 3:6-10; Mt 19:22 pp Mk 10:22

Distrust by God

Job 4:18 See also Job 15:15; Jn 2:24

Distrust is sometimes justified

Ps 118:8 See also Job 39:12; Ps 5:9; Ps 44:6; Ps 146:3; Jer 7:4; Jer 9:4; Jer 12:6; Mic 7:5; Hab 2:18

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