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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8713 discouragement
8713 discouragement

8713 discouragement

A sense of unhappiness arising from a loss of confidence in one’s own abilities, in the reliability of God or in the power of the gospel. Discouragement can occur in the Christian life, especially when there is resistance to the gospel or in instances of personal failure. Scripture provides reassurance for those who experience discouragement.

The experience of discouragement

Job 3:20-26 See also Nu 21:4-5 the Israelites in the desert; Jos 2:8-11 the Canaanites and Rahab; 1Sa 17:10-11 the Israelites and Goliath; 2Ki 19:26 God’s judgment on Sennacherib; Job 5:6-7; Ps 38:1-14; Pr 1:26-27 Wisdom speaks to the sinner; Ecc 2:17-20 the Teacher’s disillusion; Isa 21:2-4; Jer 45:3 to Baruch; Eze 21:7 God’s judgment on Israel; Zec 10:2; 2Co 1:8-9 Paul

Prayer in discouragement

Ps 42:5-11 See also Dt 26:6-7; 2Sa 22:7 David; 2Ch 20:9 Jehoshaphat; Ne 9:32; Ps 31:9-12; Isa 38:14 Hezekiah; Jer 8:18-19; Jnh 2:1-2

Endurance in discouragement

Isa 42:3-4 See also 2Co 6:4-10 Paul; 2Th 1:4; Heb 10:32; Heb 12:3; Rev 2:3 concerning the church at Ephesus

Discouragement through disobedience

Jer 8:9 See also 1Sa 28:15-18; Job 15:24-25 Eliphaz to Job; Zep 1:17

Discouragement and discipline

Heb 12:5-7 See also Jdg 2:14-15; Isa 26:16

Effects of discouragement

Pr 17:22 See also Ex 6:9 the Israelites in Egypt; 2Sa 4:1; Ezr 4:4 the rebuilding of the temple; Job 4:5; Pr 15:13; Pr 18:14

Resisting discouragement

Dt 1:21 See also Jos 1:9; Jos 8:1; 1Sa 17:32 David reassuring Saul about Goliath; 1Ch 22:13 David to Solomon; 2Ch 32:7 Hezekiah; Jer 51:46; Lk 18:1; Jn 14:1; Gal 6:9; Eph 3:13; 2Ti 4:5

God’s help in discouragement

Ro 8:35-39 See also Dt 31:6,8,23; Jos 1:9; 1Ch 28:20; 2Ch 20:15,17; Ps 34:18; Isa 40:29-31; Isa 61:1; Lk 4:18; Jer 30:10; Jn 16:33; 2Co 7:6 Paul

Warnings not to discourage others

The Israelites discouraged when on the point of entering the promised land Ob 12 See also Dt 1:28 by the spies; Nu 32:7 by the Gadites and Reubenites

General warnings not to discourage others Ps 109:16; Zec 10:2; Ac 15:19 James advises against discouraging the Gentiles; Col 3:21

The need to stand with the discouraged

Heb 13:3 See also Job 6:14; Jer 8:21; Ro 12:15; Jas 1:27

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