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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8711 covenant breakers
8711 covenant breakers

8711 covenant breakers

Covenants were central to OT life, with the result that those who broke covenants, and especially those who violated the covenant between God and Israel, were regarded as a serious threat to social stability.

The importance of covenants

The covenant between God and his people Ge 9:16 See also 2Sa 23:5; Isa 24:5; Isa 55:3

God will remain faithful to his covenant Jdg 2:1 See also Ps 105:8; Isa 54:10

Covenants between people

Covenants made in the sight of God were permanently binding Nu 30:2; 1Sa 23:16-18 See also Dt 23:21; Ecc 5:4

Condemnation of those who break covenants Hos 6:7 See also Pr 2:17

Examples of covenants between people Ge 21:27; Jos 24:24; 2Sa 5:3; 1Ki 5:12; 1Ki 20:34; Jer 34:8

Examples of breaking the covenant with God

Coveting the possessions of others Ecc 4:4 See also Ex 20:17

Stealing Ex 20:15 pp Dt 5:19 See also Dt 23:24

Using dishonest weights or scales Lev 19:35-36; Pr 20:23 See also Dt 25:13-16; Hos 12:7-8; Am 8:5

Moving boundary stones Pr 23:10 See also Dt 19:14; Dt 27:17

Extortion Hab 2:6 See also Isa 10:1-2; Eze 22:12; Am 5:11

Breach of trust Lev 6:2; Eze 16:17

Not repaying loans Ps 37:21

Not paying fair wages See also Ge 31:6-9

Failing to care for aliens Aliens living in Israel were regarded as having privileged status amongst Gentiles, and were treated as covenant people in some respects: Ex 23:9; Dt 29:9-15; Dt 31:12; Jos 8:33-35

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