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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8705 apostasy, in OT
8705 apostasy, in OT

8705 apostasy, in OT

Israel was in danger of abandoning God from her earliest days. The OT frequently warns against apostasy and identifies its likely consequences.

Apostasy in Egypt and in the desert

Ps 78:9-41 See also Ex 32:25-29 the death of 3,000 after Aaron made the golden calf; Lev 17:7; Lev 20:1-6; Nu 14:9-12 The people rebel against Moses and Aaron after the return of the spies; Nu 14:31-35; Nu 25:1-4; Nu 32:10-11; Dt 31:16-18; Dt 32:15-21; Ps 95:7-8; Ps 106:13-33; Heb 3:15-19

Apostasy in the time of the judges

Ps 78:55-64 See also Jdg 2:6-23; Jdg 8:27,33-34; Ne 9:26-31; Ps 106:34-39

Apostasy in the kingdom of Israel

Hos 5:3-4 See also 2Ki 17:7-20; Hos 1:2; Hos 4:10-19; Hos 7:4

Apostasy in the kingdom of Judah

Jer 3:1-25 See also 2Ki 23:26-27; 2Ch 29:6-9 Hezekiah’s reforms to purify the temple; 2Ch 30:7-9; Isa 1:1-6; Isa 30:1-5 Judah’s alliance with Egypt; Jer 2:7-13,19-25; Jer 5:5-7; Jer 7:9-15; Jer 9:2; Jer 13:23-27; Jer 17:5-6,13; Jer 23:10-15 lying prophets denounced; Jer 31:22; Eze 6:9; Eze 16:15-42; Eze 23:1-35; Da 9:5-14

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