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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8678 waiting on God
8678 waiting on God

8678 waiting on God

Being prepared to patiently look towards God for his guidance and accepting the timing he proposes. Waiting on God can lead to an atmosphere of expectation and confidence in God and a realisation of the unreliability of one’s own judgment.

Waiting on God is something that is commanded

Hos 12:6 See also Ps 27:14; Ps 37:7,34; Ps 123:2; Isa 30:18

Reasons for waiting on God

Jer 14:22 for his providence; Ps 25:5 for his salvation; Ps 145:15-16 for his blessings

Waiting on Christ

Jas 5:7-8 “Waiting on Christ” is often seen in terms of waiting patiently for God to bring about the end of all things through the promised second coming of Jesus Christ. See also Lk 12:35-40; 1Co 1:7; 1Co 4:5; Tit 2:13; Heb 9:28; Jude 21

The benefits of waiting on God

It leads to expectancy Ps 5:3 See also Ro 8:23; 1Co 4:5; Gal 5:5; Tit 2:13

It leads to hope Ps 33:20 See also Ps 130:5; Isa 51:5; Mic 7:7

It leads to trust Isa 8:17

It leads to patience Ro 8:23-25 See also La 3:24-26; Rev 6:9-11

Examples of people who waited on God

Ge 49:18 Jacob; Ps 39:7 David; Isa 8:17 Isaiah; Mic 7:7 Micah; Mk 15:43 Joseph of Arimathea; Lk 2:25 Simeon

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