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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8676 thanksgiving
8676 thanksgiving

8676 thanksgiving

The offering of thanks, especially for gifts received. Scripture emphasises the importance of giving thanks to God for all his gifts and works, both as an expression of our dependence upon him and gratitude to him.

Thanksgiving is sometimes linked with praise to God

Ps 69:30 See also 1Ch 16:4; Ps 42:4; Ps 100:4

The duty of thanksgiving to God

1Ti 4:3-4 See also Ps 107:8-9; Ps 147:7-9; Lk 17:17-18; Ro 1:20-21; Ro 14:6

The expression of thanksgiving to God

Through OT offerings Ps 50:14 See also Lev 7:12-15; Jnh 2:9

In Christian gatherings 1Co 10:16 See also 1Co 10:30; 1Co 14:16-17

Through song Ps 95:2 See also 1Ch 16:7-9; Ezr 3:11; Ne 12:8,24,27,46; Ps 147:7; Isa 51:3; Jer 30:19; Eph 5:19-20

Through prayer 1Ti 2:1 See also Ne 11:17; Da 6:10

Through giving 2Co 9:11-12

In conversation See also Eph 5:4

Believers are to give thanks in all circumstances

1Th 5:18 See also Php 4:6; Col 3:17

Thanksgiving for the blessings of salvation

1Co 15:57 See also Ro 7:24-25; 2Co 2:14 for victory through Christ; 2Co 4:15 for God’s grace; 2Co 9:15 for Jesus Christ himself; Col 1:12; Col 2:6-7 for union with Christ

Examples of those who gave thanks to God

Jesus Christ Mt 14:19 pp Lk 9:16; Mk 8:6; Lk 24:30; 1Co 11:24

Paul Ac 28:15; Ro 6:17; Eph 1:16; 1Ti 1:12

Heavenly beings Rev 4:9; Rev 7:12; Rev 11:17

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7364fellowship offering
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