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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8670 remembering
8670 remembering

8670 remembering

The process of recalling the past, especially the presence and activity of God in the history of his people. Remembering God’s work in the past can lead to praise and rejoicing, and to hope for the future. God himself remembers.

Divine remembering

God always remembers his covenant 1Ch 16:15 pp Ps 105:8 See also Ge 9:14-16; Ex 2:23-25; Ps 111:5; Lk 1:69-73

God always remembers his promises Ps 105:42 See also Dt 6:20-23; Jos 1:3; 2Pe 3:9

God always remembers his people Isa 49:15-16 See also Ge 7:24-8:1; Ge 19:29; Ge 30:22; 1Sa 1:19-20; Lk 1:54-55

Situations in which God will not remember Heb 8:10-12 See also Jer 31:33-34; Isa 65:16-17; Eze 18:21-24

The Holy Spirit helps believers to remember Jesus Christ and his words

Jn 14:26 See also Jn 2:22; Jn 12:16; Jn 16:4

Human remembering

Believers are to remember God’s person Dt 8:18; Ps 119:55 See also Ps 42:5-6; Jer 51:50; Jnh 2:7

Believers are to remember God’s acts in the past Isa 46:9 See also Dt 5:15; Dt 7:17-18; Dt 8:10-18; 1Ch 16:12; Mt 16:9-10

Believers are to remember God’s wrath Dt 9:7-8 See also 2Pe 3:1-10

Believers are to remember God’s commands Nu 15:38-40 See also Dt 8:1-2; Ps 103:17-18

Believers are to remember their responsibilities towards one another Ac 20:35 See also Gal 2:10; Heb 13:2-3

Believers are to remember the death of Jesus Christ 1Co 11:24-28; Lk 22:17-20

The importance of remembering

Remembering should lead to rejoicing Ps 13:5-6 See also Dt 26:4-11; Ps 66:5-6

Remembering should lead to repentance Rev 3:3 See also Eze 16:59-63; Mt 5:23-24; Mt 26:75 pp Mk 14:72 pp Lk 22:61-62; Rev 2:5

Remembering should lead to understanding Lk 24:6-8 See also Jn 15:20; Jn 16:1-4; Ac 11:15-18

Remembering should produce hope for the future La 3:21-24 See also Ps 42:4-11; Ps 103:1-2; Heb 10:32-36

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