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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8667 praise, examples of
8667 praise, examples of

8667 praise, examples of

Scripture provides many examples of individuals who praised God. These examples illustrate the variety of ways and methods in which God can be praised, as well as the motivation for that praise.

OT examples of those who praised God

Melchizedek Ge 14:18-20

Moses Ex 15:1-2

Jethro Ex 18:9-10

David 1Ch 29:10-13

Ezra Ne 8:6

NT examples of those who praised God

Jesus Christ Lk 10:21

Zechariah Lk 1:67-68

The shepherds Lk 2:20

Simeon Lk 2:28

The disciples Lk 19:37; Ac 2:46-47 See also Lk 24:50-53; Ac 16:25

Those who were healed by Jesus Christ Lk 18:35-43; Ac 3:1-10

The citizens of heaven Rev 15:2-3

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