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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8654 importunity, towards people
8654 importunity, towards people

8654 importunity, towards people

Boldness, urgency and persistence in appealing to others; seen in making requests of all kinds, presenting the gospel and giving Christian instruction; seen too in God’s patient and persistent pleading with people.

Making requests of others

Ge 19:3 Lot prevails on his angelic visitors to stay with him; Ge 39:10 Potiphar’s wife propositions Joseph; Nu 22:37 Balak summons Balaam; Jdg 14:16-17 Samson’s wife presses for the answer to his riddle; Jdg 16:6-16 Delilah nags Samson to know the secret of his strength; 2Ki 2:16-17 Elisha is requested to authorise a search for Elijah; Est 3:3-4 Royal officials plead with Mordecai; Est 8:3 Esther pleads with the king; Pr 19:7 A poor man pleads in vain with fair-weather friends; Jer 38:26 Jeremiah pleads with King Zedekiah; Lk 23:23 The crowds call for Jesus Christ to be crucified; Ac 12:16 Peter knocks on the door after his release from prison; Ac 25:3 The chief priests urge that Paul be taken to Jerusalem; 2Co 8:4 The Macedonian churches ask to share in the giving to God’s people; Php 4:2 Paul pleads with Euodia and Syntyche to agree.

Importunity in preaching the gospel

2Co 5:20

Persistence Ac 5:42

Urgent appeal Ac 2:40

Boldness Ac 19:8 See also Ac 4:29,31; Ac 9:27; Ac 14:3; Ac 18:26; Ac 28:31; Php 1:14

Persuasion 2Co 5:11 See also Ac 18:4; Ac 19:8; Ac 26:28

Importunity in giving instruction

2Co 10:1; 1Th 4:1 See also Ro 15:15; Ac 13:43; 2Co 6:1; Gal 4:12; Eph 4:1,17; 1Th 4:10

God’s persistent appeal

God’s repeated call to individuals 1Sa 3:8; Jn 21:17

God’s appeal to his wayward people 2Ch 36:15; Jer 7:13; Mt 21:35-37 Finally, God sends his Son. See also Jer 7:25; Jer 11:7; Jer 25:3-4; Jer 26:5; Jer 29:19; Jer 32:33; Jer 35:14-15; Jer 44:4

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