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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8650 hands, lifting up of
8650 hands, lifting up of

8650 hands, lifting up of

A human gesture which can be a sign of worship and adoration or indicate the swearing of a solemn oath. God is portrayed as raising his hands as a sign of authority over his creation.

God’s uplifted hand

God’s uplifted hand signifies his power Ps 118:16 See also Ex 24:11; Ps 89:13; Isa 9:12,17,21; Isa 26:11

God’s uplifted hand signifies his judgment Isa 5:25 See also 1Sa 6:3,5; Isa 19:16; Mic 5:9; Zec 2:9

Hands uplifted for swearing oaths

Oaths taken by God Eze 20:5 See also Ex 6:8; Dt 32:40-41; Ne 9:15; Eze 20:15; Eze 36:7; Eze 47:14

Oaths taken by people and angels Ge 14:22-23; Da 12:7; Rev 10:5

Hands uplifted in worship

Hands lifted up in prayer Ps 28:2 See also Ex 17:11-13; Ps 141:2; La 2:19; La 3:41; 1Ti 2:8

Hands lifted up in praise Ps 63:4 See also Ne 8:6; Ps 119:48; Ps 134:2

Hands lifted up for blessing

Lev 9:22; Lk 24:50

Hands lifted up as a threat

1Sa 24:6 See also 1Sa 18:17; 1Sa 22:17; 1Sa 24:10; 2Sa 18:12,28; 2Sa 20:21; Job 31:21

Uplifted hands as a sign of minimal effort

Ge 41:44; Dt 28:32; Ezr 6:12; Ps 76:5

Uplifted hands as a sign of support

Ps 91:12 See also Mt 4:6 pp Lk 4:11

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