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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8642 celebration
8642 celebration

8642 celebration

Although there are examples of private celebrations in Scripture, most celebration is associated with the acts of God. The enemies of God’s people also celebrate, but in the end it is the triumph of God’s purpose that is celebrated.

Celebrations in everyday life

Wedding: Jdg 14:10; Mt 22:2-3
Mt 14:6 pp Mk 6:21-22 birthday; Lk 5:29 for an honoured guest; Lk 15:22-24 family reunion

The Israelites celebrated God’s acts

Celebrating God’s gifts of harvest: Pentecost and Tabernacles Ex 23:16; Ex 34:22; Lev 23:15-21,33-36,39-43; Nu 28:26; Nu 29:12; Dt 16:9-10

Celebrating their deliverance from slavery in Egypt: Passover Ex 13:3 See also Ex 12:14; Ex 23:15; Ex 34:18; Nu 9:2; Dt 16:1

Celebrating the deliverance of the nation through Esther: Purim Est 9:18-19

Religious celebrations

The bringing of the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem 2Sa 6:12-15 pp 1Ch 15:27-28

The bringing of the ark of the covenant to the temple See also 1Ki 8:3-6 pp 2Ch 5:4-6; 2Ch 5:12-13

The completion and dedication of the first temple 1Ki 8:63,65-66 pp 2Ch 7:8-10

The dedication of the second temple Ezr 6:16

The reading of the law after the building of the walls of Jersualem Ne 8:9-12

Christians celebrate the death of Christ and his return 1Co 11:26

The enemies of God’s people celebrate

Jdg 16:23 capture of Samson; Da 5:1 Belshazzar’s feast Death of God’s witnesses: Rev 11:3,7-10

Celebration in heaven

Creation Job 38:4-7

The repentance of sinners Lk 15:7,10

Divine deliverance through Jesus Christ Rev 5:9-10

The downfall of evil Rev 19:1-5

The final triumph of Jesus Christ Rev 19:9 See also Rev 11:16-18; Rev 15:2-4

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