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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8636 asking
8636 asking

8636 asking

The act of making requests of another, as an expression of dependence. Scripture encourages believers to ask things of God in prayer, and gives guidance concerning the motivation in doing so.

Asking as an aspect of human relationships

Examples of everyday requests Jos 4:20-22; Ecc 7:10; 1Pe 3:15 See also Ex 3:22; Dt 32:7; 1Sa 12:19 The people asked for a king; 2Ki 2:3; Ne 2:1-2; Da 2:10-11; Mt 2:1-2 the Magi seek the king of the Jews; Lk 2:46 Jesus Christ asks questions in the temple; Jn 4:9; Ro 16:1-2; Gal 2:9-10; Phm 21

Examples of stronger appeals Php 4:2-3 See also Ge 50:17; Ex 5:15; Lk 23:20; Ac 25:3; 1Th 4:1

Asking as an aspect of prayer

General petitions Mt 7:7-11 pp Lk 11:9-13 Php 4:6 See also Dt 18:16; Jdg 6:39; 1Sa 1:20; 1Ch 16:4; 2Ch 6:32-33; Job 6:8-9; Ps 5:3; Pr 30:7-8; Mt 9:37-38; 1Ti 2:1

Frequent requests for guidance or insight 2Sa 2:1; Eph 1:17 See also Ge 25:21-22; Ex 33:7; Jos 9:14; 1Sa 23:1-2; 2Ki 8:7-8; 1Ch 21:29-30; 2Ch 20:3; Isa 58:2; Jer 10:21; Col 1:9; Jas 1:5

The grounds for asking

According to God’s will 1Jn 5:14-15

Trusting in God’s great mercy See also Da 9:18

In the name of Jesus Christ Jn 14:13 See also Jn 16:23-27

In faith Mt 21:22 pp Mk 11:24 Jas 1:6

See also

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8611prayer for others
8640calling upon God
8648enquiring of God

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