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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8634 amen
8634 amen

8634 amen

A Hebrew term expressing the ideas of truth and reliability, often used in prayer and adoration.

Amen as an expression of worship

1Ch 16:36; Eph 3:21; Rev 7:11-12 See also Ne 5:13; Ne 8:6 The repetition of “Amen” here conveys Ezra’s intensity of feeling as he read the Book of the Law. The response of the people represents a solemn, formal acceptance of God’s commandments; Ps 72:19; Ps 106:48; Ro 9:5 “Amen” can mean either “Yes indeed, it is so” or “So be it”; Ro 11:36; Ro 16:25-27; 1Co 14:16; Gal 1:3-5; Php 4:20; 1Ti 1:17; 1Ti 6:15-16; 2Ti 4:18; Heb 13:20-21; 1Pe 4:11; 1Pe 5:10-11; 2Pe 3:17-18; Jude 24-25; Rev 1:4-7; Rev 19:4 the worship of heaven

Amen confirms a grace or blessing

Gal 6:18 See also Ro 15:33; 1Co 16:24; Php 4:23; Rev 22:20-21

Amen confirms a vow or action

Jer 28:5-6 See also Nu 5:20-22; Dt 27:15; 1Ki 1:32-36; Jer 11:1-5

Amen as a title of Jesus Christ

Rev 3:14 See also 2Co 1:18-20 The implication is that all God’s promises find their fulfilment in Jesus Christ.

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