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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8630 worship, results of
8630 worship, results of

8630 worship, results of

Worship not only gives God what is due to him but also results in many benefits for his people.

True worship brings benefits for God’s people

Blessing Ex 23:25-26 See also Dt 11:13-15

Guidance Ac 13:2-3 See also Isa 58:6-11; Nu 7:89

Deliverance Ac 16:25-26 See also Ps 50:14-15

Joy 1Ch 29:21-22 See also 2Ch 29:30; Ps 43:4; Isa 56:7; Lk 24:52

A sense of God’s presence 2Ch 5:13-14 pp 1Ki 8:10-11 See also Ex 40:35

A deeper sense of Jesus Christ’s lordship Php 2:9-11 See also Rev 1:10-18

Boldness to witness

Ac 4:31 See also Ps 57:9; Ac 18:9-10

True worship convicts sinners

1Co 14:24-25

See also

3248Holy Spirit, conviction
3263Holy Spirit, guidance
7028church, life of
8117discipleship, benefits

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