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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8626 worship, places of
8626 worship, places of

8626 worship, places of

Under the old covenant, there were rules governing the places where worship might be offered but under the new covenant the earthly location is of no importance.

Worship at places commemorating some act of God

Ge 12:7 See also Ge 8:20; Ge 26:23-25; Ge 35:1

Worship at a place chosen by God

Dt 12:13-14 See also Ge 22:2; Dt 14:23-25; 1Ch 21:18-19; 2Ch 7:15-16

Worship in certain sacred places

Dt 12:5 See also Ex 3:12; Dt 26:2; 1Sa 1:3,28; Isa 27:13; Jn 4:20

Worship at the Tent of Meeting

Ex 25:8-9 See also Ex 29:42-43; Ex 33:10; Lev 17:1-5

Worship at the temple in Jerusalem

1Ch 22:1 See also 2Ch 7:15-16; 2Ch 29:27-30; Ne 8:6; Lk 1:8-10; Lk 2:37; Ac 8:27

Worship in a synagogue

Lk 4:16 See also Ac 13:15; Ac 15:21; Ac 17:2

Worship in the home

Da 6:10 See also Mt 6:6; Ro 16:5; 1Co 16:19; Col 4:15; Phm 2

The earthly location for worship is unimportant

Jn 4:21-24 See also Ge 24:26; Ge 47:31; Jdg 7:15; Job 1:20

In heaven worship is perfect

Lk 2:13; Heb 12:22; Rev 4:9-11; Rev 5:13-14; Rev 7:9-12; Rev 19:4-7

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