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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8623 worship, of God alone
8623 worship, of God alone

8623 worship, of God alone

God alone is worthy of worship; the worship of other gods is forbidden. In the NT worship is offered to the Son of God.

God alone is to be worshipped

He alone is worthy of worship 1Ch 16:25 The English word “worship” means literally “worth-ship”. See also Ps 48:1; Ps 96:4-5; Ps 145:3; 2Sa 22:4

The worship of God the Father Jn 4:23 See also Php 2:11

The worship of God the Son Mt 2:11; Mt 14:33; Jn 20:28 See also Mt 28:16-17; Jn 9:35-38; Php 2:9-11; Heb 1:6; Rev 5:8-14

Angels worship God

Ps 103:20; Ps 148:1-2 See also Ps 29:1-2; Isa 6:1-4; Eze 10:1-18; Rev 4:8-9

The worship of other gods forbidden

Ex 20:3 pp Dt 5:7 2Ki 17:35-36 See also Ex 34:14; Dt 6:13-14; Ne 9:6; Ps 86:9-10; Ps 97:7; Ac 10:25-26; Ac 14:13-18

The worship of angels forbidden

Col 2:18 See also Rev 19:9-10; Rev 22:8-9

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