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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8618 prayerfulness
8618 prayerfulness

8618 prayerfulness

An attitude by which a constant relationship between God and believers is developed.

Prayerfulness is a way of life

Lk 2:37 See also Ps 5:3; Ps 55:17; Ps 109:4; Da 6:10-11,13

Prayerfulness arises from a desire to be with God

Ps 130:5-6 See also Ps 42:1-4; Ps 84:1-2

Prayerfulness arises from an awareness of need that can only be met by God

1Ti 5:5 See also Ps 86:1; Ps 105:4

Prayerfulness demonstrates a continuing trust in God

Jn 15:5-8 See also Ps 63:1-8

Prayerfulness involves a heart that is right with God

Isa 1:15-17 See also Mt 6:7; Mk 12:40 pp Lk 20:47

Prayerfulness involves the need to be alert

Mt 26:41 pp Mk 14:38 pp Lk 22:40 See also Mic 7:7; Lk 21:36; Col 4:2

Prayerfulness needs to be maintained especially in difficult circumstances

Lk 18:1 See also Hab 3:16-19; Ac 16:25; 1Th 5:17; 1Pe 4:7

Examples of people whose prayerfulness proved effective

Hannah, who prayed for a child 1Sa 1:20 See also Isa 1:10-18

Elijah, an ordinary man who prayed Jas 5:17-18 See also 1Ki 17:1; 1Ki 18:41-46

Nehemiah, a man who discovered God’s plan through prayer Ne 1:4 See also Ne 1:5-11; Ne 2:4-5

David, sustained through trials 1Sa 30:6 See also 2Sa 22:1-4 pp Ps 18:1-3; Ps 3:1-8

Daniel, whose patience in prayer was rewarded Da 10:12 See also Da 9:1-19

Jesus Christ, who perfectly trusted his Father Heb 5:7 See also Lk 5:16; Jn 11:41-42

The early church, which was founded upon prayer Ac 1:14 See also Ac 2:42; Ac 4:23-31; Ac 6:4; Ac 12:5

Paul, who prayed for all the churches which he founded or visited Col 1:9 See also Ro 1:9-10; Eph 1:16; Php 1:4; 1Th 3:10; 2Th 1:11; 2Ti 1:3; Phm 4

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