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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8612 prayer, and faith
8612 prayer, and faith

8612 prayer, and faith

Effective prayer depends on faith, especially on a willingness to trust in God’s faithfulness to his promises to his people.

Faith is necessary in order to approach God

Heb 11:6

Faith is necessary to receive benefits from God

Mk 6:5-6; Jas 5:16-18 See also Eph 3:12; Heb 10:22

Faith is necessary for effective prayer

Mt 21:21-22 pp Mk 11:22-24 Jas 1:5-8 See also Jas 5:14-15

Jesus Christ responded to people’s need on the basis of faith

Mt 9:27-30 See also Mt 8:5-13 pp Lk 7:1-10; Mt 9:20-22 pp Mk 5:25-34 pp Lk 8:43-48; Mt 15:21-28 pp Mk 7:24-30

Examples of notable prayers of faith

1Ki 18:36-37 Elijah, in contest with the prophets of Baal; Jas 5:17-18 Elijah, praying about rain; 1Ki 17:19-22 Elijah and the widow’s son; 2Ki 4:32-35 Elisha and the Shunammite’s son

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