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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8610 prayer, as asking God
8610 prayer, as asking God

8610 prayer, as asking God

God wants his people to turn to him in prayer, individually and corporately, in times of need or crisis, and to bring requests to him as a Father.

God’s people are commanded to bring their requests to him

Php 4:6 See also 1Ch 16:11; Mt 7:7 pp Lk 11:9; Jn 16:24; Eph 6:18-20; 1Th 5:17; Jas 5:13

Prayer for deliverance from difficulty

Ps 4:1; Ps 107:6 See also Ps 40:2-3; Jnh 2:1-3; Ac 12:5

Prayer for deliverance from enemies

Ps 17:8-9; Ps 35:4 See also 2Ki 19:9-11; 2Ch 14:11

Prayers of individuals in time of crisis

Jacob’s prayer Ge 32:9-12

David’s prayers Ps 28:1-9 See also Ps 4:1; Ps 5:1-3; Ps 30:8-10; Ps 142:1-7

Elijah’s prayer 1Ki 19:4

Jeremiah’s prayer See also Jer 15:15-18

Jesus Christ’s prayers Mt 26:39 pp Mk 14:35-36 pp Lk 22:42-44

Individual petition to God in prayer

Individual prayer for guidance Ge 24:12-14 See also Jdg 1:1-2; Jdg 6:36-40; 1Sa 14:41; 2Sa 2:1; 1Ch 14:14-15

Individual prayer for healing 2Ki 20:1-11 pp Isa 38:1-10

Individual prayer for the birth of a child 1Sa 1:10-11 See also Ge 25:21; Ge 30:17

Corporate petition to God

Corporate prayer for deliverance Ex 2:23 See also Nu 20:15-16; Dt 26:6-8; Jdg 3:9; Jdg 4:3; Jdg 6:7-10; 1Sa 12:8

Corporate prayer for restoration Ps 44:23-26; Ps 79:8-9; Ps 80:4-7; Ps 85:4-7

Corporate prayer for protection, especially at times of crisis Ezr 8:21-23 See also 2Ch 20:12-13; Ezr 10:1; Est 4:16; Ps 74:18-23; Da 2:17-18

The first Christians prayed together when they met

Ac 1:13-14 See also Ac 2:42,46-47; Ac 16:13,16; Ac 20:36; Ac 21:5

The first Christians prayed together at times of crisis or important decisions

When threatened with punishment Ac 4:24-31 See also Ac 12:5,12

When Barnabas and Saul were sent off by the church at Antioch Ac 13:3

When Paul and Silas experienced persecution Ac 16:25

Prayers for mercy and grace

Ps 143:1; Heb 4:16 See also 2Ch 6:18-19; Ps 130:1-2; Mt 20:30-31

See also

8640calling upon God

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