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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8605 prayer, and God’s will
8605 prayer, and God’s will

8605 prayer, and God’s will

Prayer is concerned not only with the well-being of the one who prays. A vital aspect of its purpose is to allow the will of God to be done, and to bring glory and honour to his name.

True motives for prayer

The desire that God’s name be honoured Mt 6:9-13 pp Lk 11:2-4 See also Nu 14:13-16; Jos 7:7-9; 2Sa 7:25-26; 1Ki 18:36-37; Ps 115:1; Jn 17:1

The desire that God’s will be fulfilled Mt 6:9-13 pp Lk 11:2-4 See also Mt 26:39 pp Mk 14:36 pp Lk 22:42; Mt 26:42; Heb 10:7 Submission to God’s will characterised Jesus Christ’s prayer life.

God answers prayer that accords with his will

1Jn 5:14-15

Petitioners may enquire of God to discover his will Ps 143:10 See also Ge 25:22-23; Jdg 1:1-2; 2Sa 2:1; 1Ch 14:14-15

The Holy Spirit helps believers to pray in God’s will Ro 8:26-27

God’s response to prayers allows believers to discern his will

2Co 12:7-9 See also Ex 33:18-20; 2Sa 12:15-18; Job 19:7-8; Ps 35:13-14

God does not respond to the prayers of the wicked

Jn 9:31 See also Ps 66:18; Pr 15:8; Isa 1:15; Isa 59:1-2; La 3:44; 1Pe 3:12

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