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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8604 prayer, as a response to God
8604 prayer, as a response to God

8604 prayer, as a response to God

Prayer offers believers a means of acknowledging the character and purposes of God and the opportunity to seek guidance concerning his will for them.

The direction of prayer is upwards towards God

Ps 123:1-2 See also Ps 25:1; Ps 86:4; Ps 121:1-2; Ps 143:8-; Ps 145:15

Fellowship with God through prayer

Ps 73:23-26 See also Ex 33:11; 1Ki 8:57-59; Ps 16:2; Ps 145:17-20; Mt 18:20

The habit of prayer

Lk 5:16 See also Ne 2:4 Nehemiah felt so close to God that it was automatic for him to speak to God and the king almost simultaneously; Da 6:10-11,13

Contemplative prayer as a response to God’s presence

Ps 27:4 See also 1Ch 16:10-11 pp Ps 105:3-4; Ps 27:8; Isa 55:6; Jer 29:13; Ac 17:27-28; Heb 11:6

Prayer of acceptance in response to God’s call

1Sa 3:10 See also Isa 6:8; Rev 3:20

Prayer of confession

In response to God’s holiness 1Jn 1:5-9 See also Isa 6:3-7; Isa 55:7-9

In response to sin being exposed Ps 51:1-2 See also Ps 51:3-12

Prayer of co-operation in response to God’s purposes

Jn 15:7-8 See also Ps 119:105-106; Lk 1:38; Jn 15:16

Prayer of confidence in response to God’s mercy and grace

Heb 4:16 See also Ne 1:4-7; Ps 123:1-2; Jas 1:5-8

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