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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8496 witnessing, importance of
8496 witnessing, importance of

8496 witnessing, importance of

Sharing the good news about God and Jesus Christ with others is a work to which some believers have a special calling, but in which all believers are to take part.

Witnessing is sharing the truth of God

Ps 145:10-12; Lk 24:46-48 See also 1Ch 16:7-9; Ps 71:15; Mt 27:54 pp Mk 15:39 pp Lk 23:47; Jn 1:35-36; Jn 4:29

Believers are commanded to witness

Mt 28:18-19 See also Isa 12:4-5; Mt 24:14 pp Mk 13:10; Ac 1:8; Ac 9:15-16

Special ministries of witnessing

By the prophets Jn 1:6-8 See also Jer 1:4-9; Eze 33:7-9; Jnh 1:2,9; Jn 1:15,29,36; Ac 10:43

By Jesus Christ Jn 18:37 See also Jn 3:31-34; Rev 1:5; Rev 3:14

By the apostles Ac 4:33 See also Ac 2:32; Ac 10:39-42; Ac 13:30-31; 1Jn 1:1-3

By Christian leaders 2Ti 1:8 Paul, in prison for his faith, encourages the young leader, Timothy. See also Ac 8:5; Eph 4:11

Witnessing is a task for all God’s people

1Pe 2:9; 1Pe 3:15 See also Ps 26:6-7; Ps 107:1-2 All of the people of Israel are called to be God’s witnesses: Isa 43:10,12; Isa 44:8
Isa 52:7; Ac 8:4

Witnessing is a major aspect of Christian living

Ro 10:9-10 See also Mt 10:32-33 pp Mk 8:38 pp Lk 12:8-9; 2Co 4:13; 1Jn 2:23; 1Jn 4:15

Examples of witnessing to Jesus Christ

Mt 16:16 pp Mk 8:29 pp Lk 9:20 Simon Peter; Lk 2:16-17 shepherds; Jn 1:40-42 Andrew; Jn 1:49 Nathanael; Jn 11:27 Martha; Jn 20:28 Thomas; Ac 8:37 fn the Ethiopian eunuch

Witnessing recounts personal experience

Isa 63:7 See also Ps 66:16; Jer 51:10; Da 4:2; Mt 9:27-31; Mk 1:40-45; Jn 9:25; Ac 4:20

Witnessing to the resurrection of Jesus Christ

Ac 2:32 See also Lk 24:33-35; Ac 5:30-32; 1Co 15:3-7

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